Sponsor a Client's Birthday Bag

Sponsor a Client's Birthday Bag

Birthday Bag

When our clients sign up for our meal delivery program, we ask them for their date of birth. They never imagined that we would remember it.

 But, we do.

And every single client on their special day gets a birthday bag with goodies like DVDs, CDs, books, T-shirts, goodies and makeup.

We just recieved this "Thank You" the other day:

“I can’t tell you what that means to me. I don’t get gifts anymore so I wasn’t expecting anything.  When I got home from my doctor’s appointment and saw that a birthday gift was waiting for me… well it brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you so much for all that you do.”

Now you can take part in this very special program. For only $50, you can sponsor a birthday bag. We will either add a label with YOUR name on it or have one of our junior artists from Vine Street Elementary School include your name in their bag art.

Sign up now – and we will send you a picture of your birthday bag!

Thanks for helping make someone’s birthday brighter.