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From Our Clients

"I'm truly overwhelmed by your loving efforts as you roll up your sleeves and bake my daily bread."

"You opened my door, your hearts, your kitchen and nourished me back to health."

"You deliver me more than meals, you also deliver kindness with hope."

Did You Know?

yellow pepperEach meal costs $5, including fresh ingredients, cooking and delivery.

Project Angel Food is 80% volunteer driven and we simply could not do it without you.


Simply one day of your help will make a big difference. We could not prepare and deliver more than 10,000 meals every week without the generosity and dedication of our 1,500 core volunteers. By giving your time, energy, and skills to Project Angel Food you join in a community that has one common goal: to provide nutritious and delicious meals to our most vulnerable neighbors.  

Volunteer Opportunities

Project Angel Food has many opportunities in which you can lend us your skills. Of course you can assist in preparing a wonderful meal, but you can also help in our office, help put on an event, or attend an outreach event for us and advocate on behalf of our clients. 

Why Volunteering matters

Volunteers who help in the kitchen are a crucial component of our program. While the immediate need we fulfill is the prevention of hunger, these caring individuals also deliver compassion and help reduce the terrible isolation that many people living with serious illnesses often experience.