From Our Clients

"I'm truly overwhelmed by your loving efforts as you roll up your sleeves and bake my daily bread."

"You opened my door, your hearts, your kitchen and nourished me back to health."

"You deliver me more than meals, you also deliver kindness with hope."

Did You Know?

yellow pepperThis year, on any given day, over 2,000 meals are delivered to people in the greater Los Angeles area.

About Us: Our Lifesaving Mission

Project Angel Food's mission is to feed and nourish the sick as they battle critical illness. We believe our clients should not have to choose between purchasing the medicine they so desperately need or suffer the ravages of hunger and malnutrition.

The men, women, and children we serve are too sick to go to a grocery store or food bank, let alone stand at a stove to cook a healthy meal. With our delicious, nutrient-packed meals delivered directly to their homes, they can better focus on healing with strength and dignity.

We operate with the knowledge that food is medicine so we medically tailor our recipes and design our freshly-cooked meals to offer optimum benefits: overall improved health, efficacy of vital medications, prevention of secondary illnesses, optimum body weight and more.

Our client and nutrition services teams also assist our clients in accessing other health resources. We help them better understand the positive impact of healthy eating not only in their fight against disease but in their overall life. We also provide a friendly ear during one of the most challenging experiences imaginable.

Loneliness, isolation, and fear are common to those struggling with devastating diseases, especially among the underserved and disadvantaged. Our delivery drivers can often be the only personal contact a client experiences during their homebound day, bringing delicious food with a warm smile and kind words of encouragement.

We represent the kindness and compassion of our community, maintaining a strong connection between those who want to help and those who need it most. Our devoted volunteers and generous donors make the miracle that is Project Angel Food happen each and every day.

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